Welcome To My Break Up Songs!

broken heartI know you're hurting. I know you're cyring your heart out. But things will get better. Come on in. Let me help you feel better. Music has the power to change your feelings and emotions. When you're sad they can make you sadder. When you're happy your favourite songs will make you happier.

Right now you probably can't stomach the happy-dovey loved up songs. So we've got plenty of sad love songs and break up songs to help you cry all you need to. Take your time. This is a hard time for you. And then when you're ready there are plenty of moving on songs to help you get over your broken heart. You'll be able to tell them apart by the song title.

Nobody likes to break up but it is often for the right reasons. You can only settle down with one person so there are bound to be a few break ups along the way.

This is a healthy way to look at it even though it may not make the pain go away by itself.

You'll Be Better Soon

If you're coming here fresh off a breakup then you're probably hurting really badly still. Use what you know to help you feel better. Listen to the songs here, watch some movies, talk to your best friends.

Don't be all alone to your thoughts as it's a surefire way to drive you crazy. While the pain may last a while depending on how loved up you were, it will subside.

If it goes on for a very long time (more than several months or years) and you are convinced that he or she is the one then you'll have to fight for them. That's a subject for another day.

For now some broken heart songs will go a long way towards just letting you soak up the pain and gradually get over it. With a little time and some moving on songs the worst of it should be gone.

Coping With It

If this is your first break up you've probably never experienced anything like it before. You may be finding that it hurts a lot more than you could have imagined.

Even if it is not your first break up your head will probably be wondering all sorts of things and you'll be feeling many emotions. It won't be any easier than previous breakups and may even be worse.

It is one of the downs of life but you can cope with it. Be strong.

Don't let this affect every aspect of your life. There are many great things to look forward to in the future even though right now it may not feel that way.

The Songs

It's amazing how music is always there for you and there's a musician out there that has probably felt the way you have and written a song for it. You'll find the best break up songs here.

The top 100 break up songs have been compiled and there are more than a few tearjerkers in there. Let it be and let the tears flow as they will eventually stop.

These breaking up songs will be just the tonic you need. If there's a song you don't like move on, because there are sure to be many more that will express the way you feel.

I want you to feel better soon. Bookmark and come back to this site as often as you need to help you through your break up :)

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